Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser

Canada has finally released Maybelline's Baby Skin.  I scooped up this product weeks ago when I visited New York and was ecstatic when I finally got my hands on it.  I have heard many great things about this product, one of which was to compare it to Benefit's Porefessional (which I cannot do a comparison on because I have never continuously used that product).  This product retails for $6.99/ $9.96 (USD/CDN) for 20 ml of product.  The product can be found in CVS, Walgreens and Walmart in the States and so far I have only seen this product in Walmart Canada.

Maybelline describes this product as being a lightweight and transparent gel that has a cherry extract which will transform your skin into a youthfully smooth and matte base for makeup wearers and non makeup wearers on the go.

When using this product you will notice your pores looking blurred instantly, this is due to the silicon elastomer, silicia and emollient formula.  The high silicone content in this product encourages foundation to glide onto your skin without leaving any patches or streaks.

Pros: This product definitely smooths skin, prevents some shine- blotting is still required (great for combination to oily skin) and is suitable for sensitive acne prone skin.  I love the fact that Maybelline took the extra step to add a beneficial addictive (cherry extract) to this product.  After doing some research, cherry extract is great as an antioxidant, it boosts production of collagen, elastin and it encourages the skin to retain moisture.  This product is clear, therefore on my deeper skin tone there is no tint.

Cons: Though this product claims to be fragrance free it does have a slight alcohol smell (that eventually fades).  Upon application, the gel like product will seem to be oily but after the product settles onto the skin, the product just feels smooth and silky to the touch.

Tips:  Since this product does not claim to help with oil control (though all the ingredients lends to implying that is does), I applied it as such and the results were great on my skin (please note I am reviewing this in colder temperatures).  I found even with my very oily skin, this product didn't make my skin appear oilier.  Less is definitely more with this product due to the texture.

Texture Shot

Before and After

Overall, I loved this product and will be a repurchasing it!  Have you tried it?


  1. oo might need to try this! thanks.


    1. Its a really good product. Give it a try :) Thanks for stopping by

  2. Seems like i found a new product to try!! I have combination skin and this seems like a perfect primer for my foundation! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Do try and give me feedback and how it worked on your face :) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I just ordered this last week and I should have it today. I can't wait to try it out. Love your blog! http://aprilscupoftea.blogspot.com/