My Natural Hair

My hair is the hardest (yes I said it!) thing beauty wise for me to maintain and get right. With a melody of 4C and sparse 4B texture, my hair is constantly dry, brittle and let's not even get into the randomness of single knot strands. However, deciding to stop adding chemicals (the infamous relaxer/texturizer) was the best beauty decision I ever made. With the fine strands and low porosity (the characteristics of my hair) my hair flourishes more just being left alone.

Here are some pictures to show the texture of my hair (no heat used to manipulate curl pattern). Stay tuned, I will be focusing on some products that works wonders for my hair texture and styles that are perfect for short (love thy shrinkage) 4C hair.

Please note that the products I use will be available both in Canada and USA and since I am a Canadian, I have to help my fellow Canadian beauties find products readily available (locations will be included)-and at a great price.

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