About The Blogger

Hello Beautiful,

My name is Rozlyn and I am someone who has a love for all things beauty related (especially makeup).  My blog is dedicated to makeup and beauty items that are simply put, fantastic and follows my journey of items that aren't so much.  These items will be both high end and drug store (and I will let you know if it's worth the dollar amount, don't you worry.)

Since I was a child I have always been attracted to makeup and as an adult that has grown into somewhat of a 'healthy' addiction.  I do not have a degree in cosmetology but I do have a knack for it.  This blog has been in my mind for years and now I have decided to take the leap to join the world of bloggers.  I do hope you enjoy it's contents in its entirety and the journey as I embark upon it.

Beauty Profile:

Gender: Female

Eye Colour: Brown

Sking Type: Oily

Skincare Concerns: Uneven skin tone, oily skin, enlarged pores

Skin tone: Ebony (commonly referred brands Mac NW50/Mufe 180)

Hair Colour: Dark Brown (natural hair colour)

Hair: Natural 4c Texture, Coarse, Fine

Hair Concerns: Damage, Dry, Brittle