Skin Care (very oily skin)

The first step I take to cleanse my oily skin is use to the body shop tea tree cleansing wash.  This product has the ability to strip my face of all the excess oils it produces without over drying my face.  This is truly what I refer to as my miracle cleanser when my face feels heavy, oil slicked and gross.

For the special events, when my face is layered with makeup (especially eye makeup) and I need to make sure all products are off my face (without washing twice) I go to my heavy duty cleanser from Philosophy (Purity).  This cleanser is a fantastic 2 in 1, cleanser and toner.

Earlier this year, I noticed my first signs of aging (drooping lid). This wasn't the best  news as you could imagine.  I quickly took myself to trusty Sephora and spoke to some skin care specialist who were being featured at the downtown Toronto location at this time.  After testing and trying few products that promote tighter more moisturized skin around the eye.  I fell in love with Perricone MD Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum.  This serum has a hefty price of $140 CDN but it is well worth it. I saw an instant lift after using! As a bonus a little goes a long way.  Give it a try,you are sure to be pleased.


  1. I like your description of the heavy duty cleanser. I'd like to try it!v After much research I've finally found the best treatment for my oily skin. And the best thing about it is that it is a natural one. Rub lemon on your face, rinse with water. That's all! Really simple :) I'd like also to advise you reading Agatha Singer's article about oily skin and makeup, click here to learn more about the possible options. She writes so well on this topic!