Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio® Color Tattoo

Maybelline brands this product as a long wearing shadow that is textured as a cream gel that glides over lids without creasing.  With 13 shades to choose from you can be as subdued with 'tough as taupe' or as bold with 'tenacious teal.'  The product is very similar to MAC paint pots (with color tattoo winning due to the texture and smoothness- and of course price).  For 0.14 oz of product you can expect to pay between $4.97 to $10.97 CDN/USD depending on the store.  The lowest prices were found at Walmart.

Tips:  Though this is a long wearing shadow, I still use a shadow base (to ensure all day longevity).  I also apply using fingers, rather than a brush to get a smoother application.

Pros:  Super smooth (blend-able) and long lasting.  Colour is build-able, therefore it can go from sheer to opaque depending  on how you layer the product.  For the colour payoff and overall quality of the product it is priced well.

Cons:  I have oily lids, therefore this product does crease a bit (use a shadow base and this product is perfection is a pot).  The finish of the product is limited (mostly shimmer), matte browns/black is needed.

Final Thoughts:  Overall, a good product. For women on the go who want a quick shadow without the hassle of blending for too long, will love the ease of this product.  Also a great buy for daring artists who want there colours to really pop!

Have you tried color tattoo before?

Monday, 25 November 2013

Winter 2013 Wearable Beauty Trends

With the first official snowfall of Toronto (happening this past weekend) which beckons the idea that winter is soon approaching, I felt inspired to blog winter trends of 2013.  As usual winter trends and fall trends go hand in hand with ideas overlapping year after year.  This year is no different.  Fall Trends have been seen  everywhere this season and we will continue to see them throughout this new approaching season along with a few add-ons such as:

Futuristic eyes with a strong winged liner (Use your favourite liquid or gel eyeliner to create this bold cat eyed look)

Bold eyebrows ( Don't over wax/pluck and if you have naturally thin brows use your fave brow pencil to fill in those 'frames')

Nude eye makeup looks (use nude shadows of soft and bold chocolate browns, pinks and plums)

Red matte lips (From cherry picked to a deep vampy red, red lips are always a must for this holiday season)

Tips:  Glitter is always a holiday favourite, although not always wearable you can always add a bit to your tear duct to brighten up your look, or my fav tip is to add it the center of your lips (when wearing your favourite lip colour), for a beautiful festive look. 

Here's a makeup look based on winter trends

Remember beautiful these are just trends, take from them as you may but remember set your own trends and be yourself.  Do you works for you and most importantly, stay beautiful!

What are your favourite holiday beauty trends?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sephora Collection: Long-Lasting Vinyl Lip Lacquer

I was pleasantly surprised with this product.  Though I am a fan of Sephora, the store; as a product brand I am not so keen on it.   However, this has peaked my interest into what else this line (Sephora collection) has to offer.  This product is highly pigmented and opaque but also has a high shine vinyl finish.  I stumbled across this product on sale for $7 CDN, but research shows if you live in the US you can find it for $5.  This is worth it.  Found in store not online.  I was surprised on how long its stayed on the lips without it being drying.  The product does transfer a bit and the application is done through a wand.

Tips: This product is pigmented and has a thicker consistency therefore I suggest doing the "finger in the mouth" technique to prevent product from transferring onto your teeth.

Pros: Glides on smoothly (no choppy patches), highly pigmented and has glossy vinyl finish.  This product lasts long on the lips and does not require a lip liner (since it is not prone to running-unless you layer on too much).  This product is not sticky.

Cons:  Only saw product in two colours (though it was on sale so other colours may have been sold out).  Also product is on sale, therefore product may be discontinued therefore hurry hurry hurry and get yours!  Hopefully they are just repacking the product.

Final Thoughts:  Great product especially if you don't mind the high gloss vinyl look plus you cannot beat the price.

 Colours shown: Burgundy and Red (actual branding name)

Burgundy worn on the lips (due to the vinyl finish true colour was difficult to show through the lens of a camera- but when worn colours are true to the name)

Have you tried this product?

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

This is by far my FAVOURITE nail polish line from Sally Hansen.  If you have not tried this polish line you definitely need to.  With one stroke that offers great coverage with a wide brush, this nail polish line makes painting your nails hassle free.  The line promises a manicure in a bottle, a 7 in 1 nail polish.  It boasts that it is a  base coat, strengthener, growth treatment, has salon-inspired colours, top coat, chip-resistance and offers a gel like finish.  All of which I can say it does do.  The price varies from $7.99 to $10.99 (CDN/USD) depending where you get it.

Tips:  Don't paint too close to the cuticle and you will achieve a fantastic 'I went to the salon look'.

Pros:  Nails feels stronger after using.  The finish looks and 'feels' as if you got your nails painted in the salon.  I have a wider nail bed, so this brush overs it well and with no streaks!

Cons: This is a 7 in 1 polish and it is priced to reflect the product (higher cost considering it is a drugstore brand).  But you can always find a sale! The width of the brush is wide, therefore if your nail bed is narrow you will have some trouble using this product.  This product will chip like all other nail polishes (I got 4 days wear before my first chip appeared).

Final thoughts:  This nail polish is great.  Easy to use and with such classic to trendy nail colours you are sure to find something that suits you.  A must try.  Trust me you will LOVE it! I know I do.

Colour:  Kook-A- Mango  
No base or top coat was applied

Monday, 18 November 2013

One Month Strong!

First let me start off  by saying thank you to each and everyone of you who has taken the time and energy to visit my blog.  Without the support, my blog would not be in existence.  With  over 2000 views since it came into existence, you the viewer inspires and encourages me to continue upon my dream of having a successful Canadian based beauty blog.  For that I thank you.

I cannot believe how fast a month has blown past.  I am so grateful to my viewers.   Thank you for all the feedback, comments and support.

I hope you are enjoying my blog, if there is any product review you have in mind or pictorial you would like to see, let me know and it would be my pleasure to do so.

Happy One Month Anniversary!

Stay beautiful xoxoxo,

Rozlyn P.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Philosophy Purity Made Simple

Did you ever wear a full face of makeup and had to wash your face numerous times to get all the product off?  Well I have and after a long day sometimes I don't feel like spending 15 mins at the sink getting the layers of perfection off of my skin.  This is where this product comes in.  With a mix of a cleanser and toner, this product strips makeup off of your face without over drying your skin.  Perfect after a night of celebrations where your face is full of makeup but not for everyday use since the cost is high (unless your not a beauty on a budget).  This product is great for removing heavy duty eye makeup without going through the hassle of using a makeup remover before cleansing. The product is easiest found in Sephora in Canada and the USA.

How to use: Damp face with lukewarm water and apply a dime sized amount of product in your palms and massage into face and neck (upward motion to avoid skin sagging).  A little goes a long with with the product. 

Pros: Deep cleans your face leaving it beautifully smooth and less oily.  It has a slight pleasant smell and you will notice how beautiful you skin will look and feel after using it (due to the toner within it's contents).  Product is great on sensitive skin.

Cons:  Higher end cleanser. From quantity and price ranging 3 0z. for $10/$13 (USD/CDN) to 24 oz. for $41/$52 (USD/CDN), this isn't the most cost effective cleanser on the market.  Not easily accessible since found mainly in Sephora/ Ulta/ some Department Stores (unless shipping from other online sources).

Final thoughts:  Though this isn't the most cost effective cleanser on the market, it is one of the best out there.  With a toner mixed in, this product makes your skin feel smoother and less oily.  Worth it if you can afford it, especially since it is a cleanser and toner in one. 

Have you tried this product before?  

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Milani Shadow Eyes 12 HR Wear

Easy and quick makeup is always needed.  The idea of putting an eyeshadow in a ‘crayon form’ that’s easy to glide on, smudgeable and lasts was genius.  Milani earlier this year came out with a line of these and refered to them as Shadow Eyez 12 hr Wear.  With the launch of 6 colours ranging from Winter White to Royal Purple, these are very worth while.  With a super smooth formula that is blendale this colour rich pencil is sure to please both the beginners and makeup artists alike.  These pencils are also water resistant and great for a powder shadow base-to make colours pop more (think of the famed NYX jumbo pencils but less sticky!)  They are also crease proof (perfect for oily lids).  The price point is  ‘ok’, when compared with similar products like Jordana’s Jumbo Pencil and the previous mentioned NYX jumbo pencils which are priced a little cheaper but formula isn’t as great as Milani.  For 2.8 grams/ 0.1 ounces of product you will pay approximately $6.99 (USD/CDN).

Tips: Smooth product onto the lids and use a synthetic brush (since creamy texture) and blend upwards and outwards for an easy and quick look.  Then use a darker tone that’s complimentary to the shadow pencil used, above to the crease for an easy yet beautiful smoky eye.
When not in use ensure to cover lid tightly, this product (the tip exposed) will dry out if not properly covered.

Pros: Glides on smoothly, highly pigmented, does not crease (waterproof) and since I find this formula to be better than NYX jumbo pencil the price is a plus (though more costly).

Cons:  This product comes primarily in shimmer/satin finish.  There are only 6 colours; a staple colour such as black should be in their regular line but it is not (featured in limited edition line.)  The size of the pencil is not standard to all sharpeners; therefore you will have to buy a sharpener suitable for these pencils.

Final thoughts: This is a good buy to have.  For quick looks or complicated ones where you really want the colour to pop, for the price you cannot go wrong with these super smooth shadow pencils.

Pictured above are Milani SHADOW EYEZ 12 HR WEAR in Champagne Toast and Green Safari. 

Have you used this product before?  What's your favourite colour?

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My Favourite + Wearable Autumn Beauty Trends 2013

Welcome back Autumn, though I must be honest and say I am not happy with you being back so soon.  However, with your presence comes my favourite season beauty trends.  With this chilly weather we are now embarking upon bold lips and simple eyes seem to be in, and I must say effortless makeup is always good makeup.  From gurus to beginners, everyone can wear this look and feel comfortable and of course be in style.

Below are my favourite Autumn beauty trends.

Burgundy Lips

Left to Right: Revlon Va Va Violet , MAC Yung Rupunzel (limited edition), Black Radiance Plum Orchid (5117), Revlon Black Cherry & MAC Rebel


Dark Nails

Left to Right: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Oxblood & Revlon Crushed Crimson.


Dirty Nudes Nails

Left to Right: Loreal Walk on the Beach & Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Without a Stitch.


Head Bands

A melody of head bands from black to metal; thick and thin; day to night and everything in between.


Bold Feliner (Cat Eye)

Top to Bottom: Loreal Intense Brush Tip in Carbon Black, Sephora Long Lasting liquid liner in black, MAC Smolder & Jordana cosmetics12 hr made to last in black point.


Matte Skin

Left to Right: Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying Powder (translucent), Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector, Makeup forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation & Makeup forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation.

Check out some of my Fall Looks.