Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Maybelline Eye Studio® Color Tattoo

Maybelline brands this product as a long wearing shadow that is textured as a cream gel that glides over lids without creasing.  With 13 shades to choose from you can be as subdued with 'tough as taupe' or as bold with 'tenacious teal.'  The product is very similar to MAC paint pots (with color tattoo winning due to the texture and smoothness- and of course price).  For 0.14 oz of product you can expect to pay between $4.97 to $10.97 CDN/USD depending on the store.  The lowest prices were found at Walmart.

Tips:  Though this is a long wearing shadow, I still use a shadow base (to ensure all day longevity).  I also apply using fingers, rather than a brush to get a smoother application.

Pros:  Super smooth (blend-able) and long lasting.  Colour is build-able, therefore it can go from sheer to opaque depending  on how you layer the product.  For the colour payoff and overall quality of the product it is priced well.

Cons:  I have oily lids, therefore this product does crease a bit (use a shadow base and this product is perfection is a pot).  The finish of the product is limited (mostly shimmer), matte browns/black is needed.

Final Thoughts:  Overall, a good product. For women on the go who want a quick shadow without the hassle of blending for too long, will love the ease of this product.  Also a great buy for daring artists who want there colours to really pop!

Have you tried color tattoo before?


  1. love this colour, it will really look on me.

    1. it would look beautiful on your skin tone. Also there is a gold toned one also you will love!

  2. I love that color, I like the tattoos but some of mine did become a bit stiff! I wish the texture was more like a mousse.

    I saw that you were following me hun and I thought I was following back until you left me a comment on my blog and I realized that I never see your new posts on my Google reader so I am definitely following now :)

    Its nice to meet a fellow blogger from Toronto :)


    1. Thank you for the follow back, It is truly appreciated. I wish I can find more Toronto based bloggers so we can support locally :) Let me know who I am missing in our community.

      Also in terms of the tattoos I am new to them , so I do hope they finish before they dry out! (Ps. They were on sale at shoppers in my area for $5 bucks this week! yay to sales)