Monday, 25 November 2013

Winter 2013 Wearable Beauty Trends

With the first official snowfall of Toronto (happening this past weekend) which beckons the idea that winter is soon approaching, I felt inspired to blog winter trends of 2013.  As usual winter trends and fall trends go hand in hand with ideas overlapping year after year.  This year is no different.  Fall Trends have been seen  everywhere this season and we will continue to see them throughout this new approaching season along with a few add-ons such as:

Futuristic eyes with a strong winged liner (Use your favourite liquid or gel eyeliner to create this bold cat eyed look)

Bold eyebrows ( Don't over wax/pluck and if you have naturally thin brows use your fave brow pencil to fill in those 'frames')

Nude eye makeup looks (use nude shadows of soft and bold chocolate browns, pinks and plums)

Red matte lips (From cherry picked to a deep vampy red, red lips are always a must for this holiday season)

Tips:  Glitter is always a holiday favourite, although not always wearable you can always add a bit to your tear duct to brighten up your look, or my fav tip is to add it the center of your lips (when wearing your favourite lip colour), for a beautiful festive look. 

Here's a makeup look based on winter trends

Remember beautiful these are just trends, take from them as you may but remember set your own trends and be yourself.  Do you works for you and most importantly, stay beautiful!

What are your favourite holiday beauty trends?


  1. i love the way you made up your eyes.

    1. Thank you! Follow me on instagram (@daredbeauty), I upload more makeup looks on that social media. Thanks again for stopping by.

  2. Pretty! Love that lipstick on you!