Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sephora VIB Rouge

Sephora VIB Rouge, "a place for people with a serious beauty addiction."  A very well described description of this beauty card, since it takes you a whooping $1350 CDN (yearly) to get there.  Its takes nothing less than an addiction to get you there (one of which I must say I have).

As a past VIB and now a VIB Rouge at Sephora, here are my initial opinions of the welcome package.  Though it does offer some awesome benefits such as free shipping, free unlimited makeovers valued at $50 CDN each time, special gifts on random events (so does the VIBs) etc., the welcome kit was very lack luster.

Yes its beautiful, with a rich red and black wrapping it screams FABULOUS.  However, soon after you are greeted with a small sample size lipstick.  Now, I'm not asking for a full size product but I do believe at $1350 they could at least give a bigger sized lippy.  It's the regular sized sample lipstick you can get if you redeemed 100 points or on a random day just as a free sample.  I guess I should just be happy I got something; but to be frank I would have preferred another 10% discount (the one you get when you get to the VIB level).

I am yet to sample and review the Bite* custom lipstick created for Sephora VIB Rouge, that came included (coming soon); but it better be darn fantastic all things considering.

Will keep you guys updated, with all events to come with this newly reached level.

YAY... VIB Rouge (Sephora).


  1. I'm working on the second level!


  2. I agree. Additional percentage off. Didn't realize how much is spent a year. Thanks for the review, eloquently written.