Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Body Shop ® Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

This is daily water based cleanser that truly cleanses your skin.  With 250 ml for $12 (CDN/USD), that usually goes on sale at 1/2 price this product is worth every penny and more (especially if you have oily, acne prone and uneven skin).

How to use: Wet face with lukewarm water.  Put a dime sized amount of product in palm and lather. Massage your face and neck with lathered palms moving upwards and then rinse with lukewarm water. When done rinsing, your face feels smooth and well cleansed.  

Pros: The price can't be beat especially for what you are paying for (don't forget you can get it for 1/2 price).  It deep cleans very oily skin and treats acne prone uneven skin.  It contains tea tree oil which is an antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-fungal.  That is, it cleans any impurities that can cause problem skin. Gentle enough for everyday use.

Cons:  If your skin isn't oily, you will find this product to be drying to your skin.  For those of you who are scent sensitive, this product does have a slight tea tree scent to it. 

Final thoughts: I have extremely oily skin and therefore this product is a miracle in a bottle for me. With acne spots (very few left thanks to this product) and some trouble areas (yes... even in my mid-20s) I do love this product.  As mentioned earlier, it does have a slight smell of tea tree oil, which for me isn't a bad thing since I know the benefits of such an oil on the skin and quite frankly it's worth it.


  1. i love diluted tea tree oil for the skin

  2. I also use that oil. If I have an irritated pimple, it works wonders on it to soothe. Also great on dark spots caused by acne.