Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Spring 2014 Wearable Beauty Trends

With Spring 2014 officially here (based on the calendar but not according to the snow on the ground), I am compelled by my beauty instincts to talk Spring trends of 2014. If you reside in the mid west of the states or anywhere in Canada, I am sure you have been hit with random snow days (with more approaching said the weatherman).  Don't be in despair soon old man winter will fail. And with that being said, lets start with the trends to come!

The Lips

Soft berry (like) lips are always a staple where the is hope for longer days of sunlight and warm weather, and this year is no different.   Think radiant orchid (Colour of the year 2014)!

The much talked about Bright Orange Lips, which could easily be worn if you take into account, your skin's undertone isn't for the faint at heart but lining the lips with a darker hue (reds, browns, purples-yes! purple), to create a 'wearable' ombre effect can make this trend easily wearable and fun!

Some of my favourite orange/shades of orange lippies come from MAC cosmetics.  Namely Morange, Lady danger, Hot chaud and Saigon Summer- all of which are available in the regular line. 

The Eyes

Then there was blue, a hue of any blue on the lids will create the perfect match for the warmer weather to come!  Am I the only one who is excited to match Blue eyes and Orange lips?   Will be bold but so beautiful if done right!

Where there is blue, there is green and this season this is no different.  Use a pop of green on your lids to freshen up any look!

The magical ethereal white eyeshadow is a hit this Spring. Therefore if you aren't into the bold blues or dashing greens, you can tone it down with a quick wash of a frosty white.

Metallic eyes are also very in for Spring 2014, wear this bold look in the evening by easily smoking it out. Rustic golden lids featuring pigmented orangey coral lips.  Can you see I'm still 
excited about THE orange?

Cat eyes, whether the season is always a fun route to take and this season is no different. Use your favourite liquid or gel eyeliner to create this bold cat eyed look.  

I find with the warmer weather approaching and my very oily skin, gel liners will be my best friend for the weather to come due to the staying power.


Now that drab winter has dried out our skin, it's time to get dewy and radiant. Remember to moisturize your skin and feature some glowing highlights and bronze where needed! 

This season features bold colours.  Remember trends are always open to interpretation so have fun, be you and stay beautiful!

What are your favourite Spring 2014 beauty trend?


  1. I just re discovered my Lorac bronzer! I love it. I am going to have quite a few spring posts coming up even though its cold as heck here right now.


    1. Excited to see what you post! Thanks for stopping by :)